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AS/NZS Standard Single Phase&triple Phase Waterproof sOCKET.
Single phase 3 round pin surface socket and single phase 3 flat pin surfface socket

Model No Description lPDegree
Single Phase
56SO310N 3Pin 10A 250A lp66
56SO315N 3Pin 15A 250A lP66
56SO320N 3Pin 20A 250/500V lp66
56SO332N 3Pin 32A 250/500V lp66
Triple Phase
56SO410N 4Pin 10A 500V lp66
56SO420N 4Pin 20A 500V lp66
56SO432N 4Pin 32A 500V lp66
56SO440N 4Pin 40A 500V lp66
56SO450N 4Pin 50A 500V lp66
56SO510N 5Pin 10A 500V lp66
56SO520N 5Pin 20A 500V lp66
56SO532N 5Pin 32A 500V lp66
56SO540N 5Pin 40A 500V lp66
56SO550N 5Pin 50A 500V lp66
56SO610N 6Pin 10A 500V lp66
56SO620N 6Pin 10A 500V lp66
56SO710N 7Pin 10A 500V lp66
56SO720N 7Pin 20A 500V lp66


AS/NZS Standard Single Phase & triple Phase Waterproof Socket.
Single phase 3 round pin surface socket and single phase 3 flat pin surface socket
Model No. Description lP Degree
Single Phase
56SO310 3Pin 10A 250V lP66
56SO315 3Pin 15A 250V lP66
56SO320 3Pin 20A 250/500V lP66
56SO332 3Pin 32A 250/500V lP66
Triple Phase
56SO410 4Pin 10A 500V lP66
56SO420 4Pin 20A 500V lP66
56SO432 4Pin 32A 500W lP66
56SO440 4Pin 40A 500W lP66
56SO450 4Pin 50A 500W lP66
56SO510 5Pin 10A 500W lP66
56SO520 5Pin 20A 500W lP66
56SO532 5Pin 32A 500W lP66
56SO540 5Pin 40A 500W lP66
56SO550 5Pin 50A 500W lP66
56SO610 6Pin 10A 500W lP66
56SO620 6Pin 20A 500W lP66
56SO710 7Pin 10A 500W lP66
56SO720 7Pin 20A 500W lP66

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