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Product introduction
The distribution box is suitable for mounting of modular electric installation devices with maximum current up to 63A. The product, available with neutral and earth terminal block, DIN rail and functionlabel, is widely used in low voltage distribution networks for power supplying of consumers and commercial buildings.

Construction and Feature
◆With plastic door in arc shape design.
◆Transparent or non-transparent door available
◆Big range and professional design ensures
specia-lized usag

◇Flush mounting type (F)
◇Surface mounting type (S)
◆Arc door classification:
◇Transparent (T)
◇Non-transparent (N)
◆Door open direction: 90 degree upward
◆Rated current:
◇1 way to 4 modules maximum 50A
◇6 way to 36 modules maximum 63A
◆Materials: ABS of fire-resistant
◆Color: RAL9003
◆Protection degree: IP40

◆Blank module: used to fill the empty, good for dust-proof and fix purpose.

Construction of Surface mounting type box
◆Rear side of the base: Rectangular fixing hole for vertical mounting adjustment
◆Cable entry design:
◆Free space available for hole-digging on both cover and base of 2, 3 way product
◆DIN rail symmetrically equipped at the base of product
◆Cover: knock-down segments designed for mounting of additional modular devices

Construction of Flush mounting type box
◆Symmetrical base
◆Base made of strong material suitable to be installed inside sin wall
◆Knock-down hole available to full sides of the base
◆Cover suitable for inverse fixation
◆Equipped with arc door
◆Knock-down segments designed for mounting of additional modular devices
Parameters of neutral & earth terminal block
Modules Length of
neutral block(mm)
Holes of
neutral block(pcs)
Length of
earth block(mm)
Holes of
earth block(pcs)
Width(mm) Length(mm)
4 56 2M5×8+4M×8 50 4M5×8 6.5 9
6 56 2M5×8+4M×8 50 4M5×8 6.5 9
8 72 2M5×8+7M×8 50 4M5×8 6.5 9
12 95 2M5×8+11M4×8 82 8M5×8 6.5 9
18 130 2M5×8+17M4×8 82 8M5×8 6.5 9
24 165 2M5×8+23M4×8 114 12M5×8 6.5 9
36 223 2M5×8+23M4×8 114 12M5×8 6.5 9
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