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Product introduction
Features & Advantages:
◇ The slimest 6kA RCBO in this world.
the newest design compared with competitors.

◇ Genuine 6kA fault level
declared after hundreds of seriously passed test. Suit both residential and commercial applications.

◇ Top and bottom line and load compatiblenewest design for ease of installation.

◇ Two pole safety feature allows switching of both Active and Neutral contacts.
Active contacts always connect earlier and break later;

◇ Single module is ideal to save valuable switchboard space.

Overall & installation dimensions

Width = 18mm
Breaking Capacity = 6000A
Technical Data DR6-40
AS/NZS 61009 - 1
Magnetic B,C
Residual tripping characteristics A , AC
Rated current(A) 6,10,16,25,32,40
Rated residual current 10mA, 30 mA, 100mA
Calibration temperature 30℃
Rated voltage 1P 240V
Frequency 50/60
Maximum service voltage 264
Tripping Duration: Instaneous<0.1s
Power supply Top or bottom
Selectivity class 3
Residual making and breaking capacity 500A
Short circuit capacity 6000&4500A
Isolation application (IEC 60947-2) Yes
Insulation resistance (Mohm) 1,000
Insulation voltage (V) 500
Dielectric rigidity (V) 2,500
Vibration resistance 1.5g
Endurance (operations) electrical >6,000
mechanical >20,000
Protection degree outside IP20
inside enclosure IP40
Self extinguishing degree (UL 94) V2
Tropicalisation (IEC 60068-2) +55℃/95% RH
Operating temperature -5/+55℃
Storage temperature -25/+70℃
Terminal capacity (top & bottom) min / max 1-16mm
Terminal torque (top / bottom) 3
Busbar systems Yes
Accessories No
Dimensions (mm) 72(H)81(L)18(W)
Weight (g) 105
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