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  • Product Name:FDR7-40 10kA
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Product introduction

  Main Features
◆Combined RCD+MCB device
◆High breaking capacity:10KA
◆Line voltage-independent tripping
◆Compatible with standard busbar
◆Twin-purpose terminal(lift/openmouthed) above and below
◆Switch position indicator red-green
◆Switching toggle(MCB component)in colour designationg the rated current
◆Busbar positioning optionally above or below
◆Comprehensive range of accessories suitable for subsequent installation

Electrical technical data
◆Standards: IEC61009
◆Tripping time: Instantaneous / Type G 10 ms delay
◆Rated voltage: 230V 50Hz
◆Operational voltage range: 196-253V
◆Residual tripping current: 10, 30, 100, 300mA
◆Rated current: 6, 10, 13, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40A
◆Sensitivity: Type A and type AC
◆Selectivity: class 3
◆Rated breaking capacity: 10000A
◆Curve for electromagnetic type: B, C
◆Curve for electronic type: C, D
◆Maximum back-up fuse(short circuit): 100A gl (>10kA)
◆Electrical life >4000 times
◆Mechnical life >20000 times
◆IP protection: IP40

Breaking Capacity: H: 10000A;
N: 6000A; L: 4500A
ElectromCgnetic Type / Order Code Electronic Type / Order Code
C type CC type CC type
2P 4P 2P 4P 2P 4P
6C 10mC R7M-2C-0610 R7M-4C-0610 R7M-2C-0610 R7M-4C-0610 R7M-2C-0610 R7M-4C-0610
30mC R7M-2C-0630 R7M-4C-0630 R7M-2C-0630 R7M-4C-0630 R7M-2C-0630 R7M-4C-0630
100mC R7M-2C-06100 R7M-4C-06100 R7M-2C-06100 R7M-4C-06100 R7M-2C-06100 R7M-4C-06100
300mC R7M-2C-06300 R7M-4C-06300 R7M-2C-06300 R7M-4C-06300 R7M-2C-06300 R7M-4C-06300
10C 10mC R7M-2C-1010 R7M-4C-1010 R7M-2C-1010 R7M-4C-1010 R7M-2C-1010 R7M-4C-1010
30mC R7M-2C-1030 R7M-4C-1030 R7M-2C-1030 R7M-4C-1030 R7M-2C-1030 R7M-4C-1030
100mC R7M-2C-10100 R7M-4C-10100 R7M-2C-10100 R7M-4C-10100 R7M-2C-10100 R7M-4C-10100
300mC R7M-2C-10300 R7M-4C-10300 R7M-2C-10300 R7M-4C-10300 R7M-2C-10300 R7M-4C-10300
13C 10mC R7M-2C-1310 R7M-4C-1310 R7M-2C-1310 R7M-4C-1310 R7M-2C-1310 R7M-4C-1310
30mC R7M-2C-1330 R7M-4C-1330 R7M-2C-1330 R7M-4C-1330 R7M-2C-1330 R7M-4C-1330
100mC R7M-2C-13100 R7M-4C-13100 R7M-2C-13100 R7M-4C-13100 R7M-2C-13100 R7M-4C-13100
300mC R7M-2C-13300 R7M-4C-13300 R7M-2C-13300 R7M-4C-13300 R7M-2C-13300 R7M-4C-13300
16C 10mC R7M-2C-1610 R7M-4C-1610 R7M-2C-1610 R7M-4C-1610 R7M-2C-1610 R7M-4C-1610
30mC R7M-2C-1630 R7M-4C-1630 R7M-2C-1630 R7M-4C-1630 R7M-2C-1630 R7M-4C-1630
100mC R7M-2C-16100 R7M-4C-16100 R7M-2C-16100 R7M-4C-16100 R7M-2C-16100 R7M-4C-16100
300mC R7M-2C-16300 R7M-4C-16300 R7M-2C-16300 R7M-4C-16300 R7M-2C-16300 R7M-4C-16300
20C 10mC R7M-2C-2010 R7M-4C-2010 R7M-2C-2010 R7M-4C-2010 R7M-2C-2010 R7M-4C-2010
30mC R7M-2C-2030 R7M-4C-2030 R7M-2C-2030 R7M-4C-2030 R7M-2C-2030 R7M-4C-2030
100mC R7M-2C-20100 R7M-4C-20100 R7M-2C-20100 R7M-4C-20100 R7M-2C-20100 R7M-4C-20100
300mC R7M-2C-20300 R7M-4C-20300 R7M-2C-20300 R7M-4C-20300 R7M-2C-20300 R7M-4C-20300
25C 10mC R7M-2C-2510 R7M-4C-2510 R7M-2C-2510 R7M-4C-2510 R7M-2C-2510 R7M-4C-2510
30mC R7M-2C-2530 R7M-4C-2530 R7M-2C-2530 R7M-4C-2530 R7M-2C-2530 R7M-4C-2530
100mC R7M-2C-25100 R7M-4C-25100 R7M-2C-25100 R7M-4C-25100 R7M-2C-25100 R7M-4C-25100
300mC R7M-2C-25300 R7M-4C-25300 R7M-2C-25300 R7M-4C-25300 R7M-2C-25300 R7M-4C-25300
32C 10mC R7M-2C-3210 R7M-4C-3210 R7M-2C-3210 R7M-4C-3210 R7M-2C-3210 R7M-4C-3210
30mC R7M-2C-3230 R7M-4C-3230 R7M-2C-3230 R7M-4C-3230 R7M-2C-3230 R7M-4C-3230
100mC R7M-2C-32100 R7M-4C-32100 R7M-2C-32100 R7M-4C-32100 R7M-2C-32100 R7M-4C-32100
300mC R7M-2C-32300 R7M-4C-32300 R7M-2C-32300 R7M-4C-32300 R7M-2C-32300 R7M-4C-32300
40C 10mC R7M-2C-4010 R7M-4C-4010 R7M-2C-4010 R7M-4C-4010 R7M-2C-4010 R7M-4C-4010
30mC R7M-2C-4030 R7M-4C-4030 R7M-2C-4030 R7M-4C-4030 R7M-2C-4030 R7M-4C-4030
100mC R7M-2C-40100 R7M-4C-40100 R7M-2C-40100 R7M-4C-40100 R7M-2C-40100 R7M-4C-40100
300mC R7M-2C-40300 R7M-4C-40300 R7M-2C-40300 R7M-4C-40300 R7M-2C-40300 R7M-4C-40300

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